Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE)

If you're interested in repairing or developing electronic communication systems, a diploma in electronic communications engineering may be right for you.

First year of ETCE course dedicated to teach students about basic engineering techniques such as engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering drawing to name few. From second year of studies student start to learn about core Electronics and communication engineering subjects like digital electronics and logic design, electronic circuits theory, Analog Electronics, Computer Programming, Microprocessor, Consumer Electronics(audio, video) fundamentals of communication engineering, electronic circuits theory,  are just few to mention. In the final year of studies student will learn about advance electronic and communication engineering subject like digital & microwave communication, advance communication (satellite, mobile, fiber optic), computer hardware & networking, microcontroller, power electronics etc. and the most important final year project where the student will implement moderate electronic appliance to very advance microcontroller & sensor based electronic appliance.

Electronics and Telecommunication engineering course give enormous job opportunities in electronics and IT/ITES companies and service sector.